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Connected Neighbors

Democracy and Development Foundation

The Foundation's objective is to stimulate thought and reflection on new development paths that will allow our societies to advance towards sustained economic growth with greater levels of social equity.

A platform that allows citizens to report public space issues to their counties. It is based on four principles: participation, collaboration, transparency, and innovation.

Who to call when the light bulb on the corner of your house has been burned out for weeks? How to report that the garbage has not been picked up for more than 3 days? These everyday problems that directly impact the quality of life of the neighbors in a neighborhood are what #VecinosConectados seeks to solve.

Through a digital platform, #VecinosConectados makes it possible for citizens to report public space issues and everyday problems to their respective municipalities. With a single click, neighbors can send their concerns, suggestions and problems directly to their counties. This tools helps authorities with the management of public space and promotes a collaborative dialogue between both parties.



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