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Forgotten Justice

Grupo de Información en Reproducción Elegida

GIRE is a feminist organization, whose mission is to achieve a cultural transformation in Mexico through the demand for reproductive justice, from a human rights perspective.

The phenomenon of impunity in Mexico is very broad and complex. Talking about it not only evokes the absence of sanctions for an offense or a crime, but also a series of systemic failures that make it impossible for the State and its representatives to access justice and comprehensive protection of human rights. In particular, when impunity appears in contexts of violence against women and groups in vulnerable situations, it reveals a pattern of acceptance and normalization of gender prejudices by the authorities.

This report, which is the result of the joint work of GIRE and Impunidad Cero, seeks to make visible the relationship between impunity and reproductive justice, as well as access to justice for survivors of obstetric violence and maternal death in Mexico. The objective is to establish ways to mitigate the structural impunity that constitutes an obstacle to achieving reproductive justice in cases of obstetric violence and maternal death.


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