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National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders

National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders

The Network is part of the Mesoamerican Initiative of Women Human Rights Defenders (IM-Defensoras), which emerged in 2010, in a context of violence and serious human rights violations perpetrated in the context of the war on drugs. The objective of the Network is to respond in an articulated manner to the violence faced by women defenders due to the work they do and their gender condition, and to contribute to the continuity of their efforts.

From the perspective of the PIF, a methodology developed over 12 years by IM-Defensoras, which takes into account the differentiated impact of the aggressions to which women human rights defenders and journalists are subjected, both because of their gender, sexual identity and orientation, and because of their work in defense of human rights, we analyze the type of aggression and perpetrators of this systematic violence that hinders the life and work of women human rights defenders and journalists, as well as their collectives and organizations.

VIRK collaborates with the RNDDHM Network seeking to contribute to the analysis of the situation of women journalists and human rights defenders through the visualization of the data recorded and documented. On its site you can find:

  • An interactive map with information on individual, collective and institutional aggressions; types of aggressions committed, rights defended by the defenders attacked, as well as the perpetrators of this violence.
  • A graphic with a detailed list of the different types of aggressions faced by women defenders and journalists for their work in favor of human rights and freedom of expression during 2020, 2021 and 2022 in Mexico, as well as a breakdown of the type of aggressions by type of perpetrator.
  • A graph to explore who are the perpetrators by type of aggression, which allows us to know, for example, 100% of sexual abuse aggressions were perpetrated by the Police at federal, state and municipal levels.

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