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We Are Not Files

Centro de Derechos Humanos Miguel Agustín Pro Juárez A.C.

Its mission is to promote and defend the human rights of excluded people and groups, in situations of vulnerability or poverty to contribute to the construction of a more just, equitable and democratic society, in which human dignity is fully respected.

Centro Prodh is aware of the difficult journey that family members have to face to make authorities comply with their obligations in the search and investigation processes, particularly those who do not have legal counsel. «We Are Not Files» is a tool that we hope can help to promote essential actions that must be carried out in any investigation of a disappearance.

On this platform you will find:

  • Information that can help drive and demand search and investigation actions;
  • Tools that will help systematize the information generated in an investigation file;
  • Useful tools for incorporating information and requesting proceedings, to promote actions so that the authorities comply with their obligation to search for missing persons and clarify the facts.

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