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Torture In Mexico


The Mexican Commission for the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights is a civil society organization that provides comprehensive support to victims of serious human rights violations and contributes to the eradication of the causes that produce them.

Torture is a human rights violation practice that consists of inflicting pain and / or suffering on an individual with the intention of obtaining information or a confession, for criminal investigation purposes, as a means of intimidation, as personal punishment, for discrimination or with any other purpose. This is also in order to diminish or cancel the personality or physical and / or psychological capacity of the victim.

Throughout the 2006-2018 period, the CMDPDH has documented the effects and implications of the military-style public security strategy commonly known as the “war on drugs”. The result is the thousands of victims of the war and the increase in violence and impunity in the country.

On this site we show through interactive data visualizations the official data exposing serious human rights violations. Torture, forced disappearance, extrajudicial executions and arbitrary detentions show an upward growth, without sanction or punishment of those responsible, or justice and reparation for the victims.


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