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Time Out

The objective of the platform is to guide women and girls who are going through a situation of sexual violence on their way to access health, justice and psychological support institutions.

Instituto De Liderazgo Simone de Beauvoir

Feminist organization that for 20 years has contributed to creating a democratic and just society through knowledge, innovation and the training of social leaders with a gender, rights and intercultural perspective.

* COVID-19 update *

#PeligroEnCasa During the confinement, in March, every hour 155 women called the emergency line for violence. At #TiempoFuera we have a directory with organizations throughout the country that can help you if you experience violence.


In Mexico, crimes of sexual abuse and rape represent 67.4% of the total of preliminary investigations for sexual crimes. Approximately 2,000 people are listed as victims of crimes of sexual harassment. However, the 2015 National Victimization and Perception Survey on Public Safety (ENVIPE) indicated that the percentage of unreported sexual crimes is 91.1%, which means that the total of this type of crimes that were reported was only 8.9% .

The violence that is practiced on a daily basis against women and girls requires their visibility, to have official statistics and qualitative information that allow the correct and timely dimensioning of all types and modalities of gender violence expressed in the country. The platform is the result of an intense work of visualization and processing of 10,000 thousand data.

This guide is an interdisciplinary effort to disseminate urgent attention to sexual violence. It collects data from all over the country and synthesizes legal information in an understandable way in a simple format to choose the most appropriate option for care in public health and justice bodies, within a vital period of time that guarantees your integrity.


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