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Rutas para Fortalecer

The purpose of routesparafortalecer.org is to be a meeting point between agents that offer empowerment and civil society organizations that require it.

Rutas para Fortalecer

Routes to strengthen is a platform created in Alliance between the Center for Research and Studies on Civil Society and the Merced Foundation with the financial support of our allies.

Strengthening is a process carried out by an organization with the technical support of a strengthening agent to improve its management, its programs or the impact of the intervention. Strengthening agents can be: CSOs, foundations, consultants, educational or governmental institutions, international organizations, among others.

Strengthening purposes are:

  • Build capacities in CSOs to improve their effectiveness
  • Improve areas of the CSO such as planning, procurement or advocacy on public policies among others
  • Develop specific approaches such as human rights, sustainable development, community action
  • Promote collaboration with other CSOs or other actors

In Mexico there are more than 300 strengthening agents and more than 40,000 civil organizations. Get to know this platform and participate by registering so that the strengthening community continues to grow.


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