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Covid-19 Gender Observatory

Grupo de Información en Reproducción Elegida (GIRE)

GIRE is a feminist organization, whose mission is to achieve a cultural transformation in Mexico through the demand for reproductive justice, from a human rights perspective.

The COVID-19 pandemic was not just a public health issue. It also impacted the social and economic lives of people. In this space, civil society organizations seek to make visible in a particular way some issues that, given the conditions of inequality that prevail in Mexico, affect women from different populations in a different way, due to structural failures, social distancing, work at home and the risks of staying longer in violent environments, among other reasons.

The Gender and COVID-19 Observatory in Mexico is, on the one hand, an exercise of social control so that the actions that the State implements in order to face the pandemic comply with human rights obligations, from a gender perspective and intersectionality and, on the other, an initiative that shows the contributions of civil society for the creation of futures where equality and justice are within the framework of action in the new normal.


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