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Narrative For Justice

Metropolitan Group México

Founded in 1989, Metropolitan Group creates strategic and creative services that empower social-purpose organizations to build a just and sustainable world.

The objective of developing this site was to create a digital tool that would allow the organization to share a guide and a series of materials to a broader set of social actors.

Between 2017 and 2018, a group of civil society organizations established a series of goals and objectives to advance an agenda against impunity. They identified and prioritized a series of actors, guided a national research on values ​​and perceptions, co-created and tested at the national level a new narrative based on the research findings and began to implement it on issues that drive different coalitions with the mission that we can soon change the narrative and live the history of a Mexico without impunity.

The Narrativa por la Justicia platform represents a method and a new framework to effectively communicate and involve more and diverse audiences, construct messages that better connect with people and that can be adapted to any context in order to reinforce discourse and causes in the short term while at the same time advancing a narrative that contributes to the creation of lasting social change.


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