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My Healthy School

Initiative that promotes healthy eating in schools and invites boys, girls, mothers and fathers to denounce the schools in which junk food is sold and which violate the Law.

El Poder del Consumidor

Civil organization that defends the rights of consumers and promotes responsible consumption.

Does your school sell soft drinks, sugary drinks, fried foods, cupcakes, cookies, candy? 1 in 3 Mexican girls and boys could develop diabetes by consuming these products. That is why there is now a Law that prohibits the sale of bottled soft drinks and juices in schools and from Monday to Thursday you cannot sell fried foods, cakes, cookies and sweets. There are penalties and fines for schools that sell junk food. The government must ensure that this is observed and that schools offer rich and healthy food. However, this does not happen.

All girls and boys have the right to a school with healthy food.

We invite you to tell us if your school continues to sell junk food or if it is already a healthier school.

All students, mothers and fathers, teachers and family members can participate.

To make your report or tell us about your success story, you just have to fill out the online form. It is easy, fast and simple.

With all the reports and success stories, we will seek to work with the school authorities to achieve positive changes in the schools.

With your participation, we will be able to get junk food out of schools and make them healthier!


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