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It’s Public It’s Ours

An interdisciplinary effort that, supported by data analysis and visualization tools, seeks to contribute to the public discussion on the situation of pregnancy and motherhood in adolescence from various angles.

Instituto de Liderazgo Simone de Beauvoir

Feminist organization that for 16 years has contributed to creating a democratic and just society through knowledge, innovation and the training of social leaders with a gender, rights and intercultural perspective.

In Mexico, 997 births occur every day in women between 10 and 19 years of age. In this context, in 2015 the President launched the National Strategy to Prevent Adolescent Pregnancy (ENAPEA) as a “priority” action. To evaluate the impact of this strategy, we need to know the situation of adolescent pregnancy: how is the geographical distribution, how wide is access to health services, how much is the expenditure on prevention, how does pregnancy impact activities and roles of this group, what are institutional programs and actions focused on the prevention and care of this issue.

Transparency and access to public information can be the basis for combating inequality in the country. In this project we use the information to build approaches from which a public problem can be addressed by creating a synergy between government actions and citizen participation.



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