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HearColors' mission is web accessibility and digital inclusion for people with disabilities and older adults.

HearColors’ manifesto states: “The web is one of the most democratic media in existence. It can radically change the quality of life of people, particularly those with disabilities, the elderly, indigenous communities, and people with low levels of education. However, in Latin America, most vulnerable groups do not have access to the wide range of possibilities offered by the Web. Technology can reduce or widen the digital divide, foster inclusion, or, on the contrary, leave out large groups. Therefore, those responsible for creating and managing technologies must strive to generate inclusion and improve people’s quality of life through the tools necessary to make more efficient use of websites.”

We worked with HearColors on the development of their accessible website and have collaborated on the development of projects for other organizations and institutions in Latin America. We also consider them a fundamental partner for VIRK because we have received their training and advice as developers of accessible websites and applications.


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