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Alternativas y Capacidades

An organization with 21 years of experience strengthening advocacy capacities in organized civil society, promoting strategic social investment and working for an enabling environment for participation in the public sphere with the objective of contributing to the social development of the country.

Funds on Display (Fondos a la Vista) is a space for the dissemination of institutional and financial information of more than 40,000 civil society organizations and more than 300 donor organizations in Mexico through a directory and a data viewer.

The purpose of this platform that we design and develop in a totally personalized way for Alternatives and Capacities is to promote transparency and direct participation of organizations to enrich the financial and institutional information of the organizations. Therefore, one of the fundamental challenges was the generation of an intuitive user experience and the development of a simple administrator that would allow the organization to continue feeding the databases that are constantly growing.

At Fondos a la Vista we invite organizations to collaborate by registering their organization and updating their data, which makes them eligible for the “I’m already in sight” badge, which serves to make visible among donors and beneficiaries that the organization is transparent and visible to society.

To turn it into a long-term sustainable project, we also develop interactive data visualizations by processing all the data that is generated collaboratively, and that is offered for consultation through payment plans. Among the relevant statistics of the sector are:

  • Distribution of civil organizations by entity and work themes
  • Concentration of economic resources by geographic location of authorized donees
  • Evolution of civil organizations in Mexico by entity and work themes
  • Evolution of income: causes with higher and lower economic resources
  • Evolution of income: concentration of economic resources by geographical location of authorized donees
  • Evolution of social investment by donor CSOs: number of CSOs that have received donations, causes in which donor organizations invest the most, and location of recipient organizations.


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