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Covid-19 in Mexican prisons


Civil society organization that advocates for structural reforms for the prison system in Mexico. Concerned about the situation of vulnerability of people deprived of liberty in terms of human rights, Documenta seeks to demonstrate the situation in prisons in the country.

People deprived of liberty in Mexican prisons are in a higher risk situation due to the health emergency due to COVID-19.

In the framework of the pandemic, the penitentiary authorities and co-managers have not provided accurate information on the situation of the prisons, nor clear and sufficient public information on the number of infections and deaths due to the new virus, the prevention measures applied and the protocols of action in case of contagions or information on whether medical attention will be provided to persons deprived of liberty.

Based on the accompaniment that Documenta provides to relatives of persons deprived of liberty, we developed this series of data visualizations to monitor and identify the Covid-19 prevention measures that are actually being implemented in prisons, the actions that are being taken in case of contagions and if accurate information is being provided to both persons deprived of liberty and their families.

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See the Covid-19 in Mexican prisions data visualizations here.


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