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With You Without Borders

Sin Fronteras IAP

Sin Fronteras is an organization of Mexican civil society, secular, non-partisan and non-profit that contributes to the promotion, protection and defense of the Human Rights of migrants and those subject to international protection to dignify their living conditions through direct attention and incidence on the public agenda.

With You Without Borders is a web platform and mobile application for iOS and Android that we developed to turn the comprehensive care system of Sin Fronteras into a digital tool.

At Sin Fronteras they have worked since 1995, assisting migrants who are in Mexico or who wish to enter our country as asylum seekers through advice and concrete support.

The solution of digitizing this service model has allowed the organization to inform many more people, with greater agility, without the limitation of geographical location and with fewer restrictions derived from the lack of availability of human and financial resources.

The project was selected from more than 2,000 as the national winner for the Google.org challenge award.

Among the challenges that we face in the realization of this application are:

  • Offline: once downloaded we required that the user could use it without the need for an internet connection.
  • Systematization: we collaborate closely with the different areas of the organization to turn their personalized advice into a simple and intuitive user experience, where everyone easily finds what they need.
  • Flexible and self-managing: given that this is the organization’s first foray into technology, a flexible development was necessary to allow the adaptation of the content and its organic growth.



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