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Colombia Map Mx

Research project with the objective of recognizing the Colombian community in Mexico.

Organización Internacional para las Migraciones

United Nations Migration Agency, created in 1951 and consecrated to the principle of migration in humane conditions and in an orderly manner.

Migration is part of human history and the way of life of diverse populations. Colombia and Mexico owe to migrants from many eras a fundamental part of their history and identity. In recent years, Colombian migration to Mexico has increased, and it has a notable presence due to its economic, social and cultural activities. Despite this, information and research on this population group is scarce or focused on very particular phenomena.

In this context, ColombiaMapMX launched a group of Colombian researchers who reside in Mexico. This platform shows official statistics on the Colombian population in Mexico and Colombian residents are invited to participate in a collaborative map of professional profiles, businesses and groups or associations.


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