Turn data into stories

We work with teams that need to communicate their findings, designing the information to help the audience make sense of it and focus only on what is significant. We turn data into interactive stories that anyone can easily interpret.


We turn data into relevant stories

We help you build the narrative and database you need. Transform your boring PDFs and raw data that no one reads into interactive graphic pieces that shown insights and connections that matter.

  • Viral content
  • Multiple analysis
  • Find insights


A long-term sustainable investment

We develop easy to interpret visualizations in open source code. In the future any person or team can continue collaborating and your project grows without licenses or additional costs over time.

  • Without licenses
  • Perfect for teams
  • No additional costs


Simple and uncomplicated

We train your team without technicalities. Did you forget something? Don't worry, all our developments include operation manuals so that anyone can update the data.

  • Easy to manage
  • User manuals
  • Ready to grow


Strategic allies

Our continuous interaction with international organizations, government agencies, researchers, journalists and civil society organizations position us as a key ally in social interventions.

We work with NGOs and international organizations in the development of solutions to digitally transform Latin America.